Sunday, April 8, 2012


I'm trying to establish cool traditions that I keep with my grands (grandbabies). So far I have something for Christmas (gingerbread houses) and fall harvest (pumpkin patch trip). Two and counting...

Ta-da! Today we started the next tradition. "I need something, Nana," says Haydster.

Easter egg dyeing and perhaps chalk art on the patio are the new craze at Nana's. Bubba had a blast.

"Oh, I need more," he says. Oops, only a few less than 18 eggs to dye. Next time, more eggs. And more crayons because, "Oh, I didn't color that one" and "I need a truck, Nana." Comments from the peanut gallery.

And little Chevy. She was just havin' some peaches, chillin' with mom.

Next year, baby, next year.

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