Friday, July 6, 2012

Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, How about You???

Day 4 of NO FACEBOOK. We went to the zoo! Apparently, I wasn't as clever as I thought, nor as inventive and creative with my idea. There were MANY, MANY people - families, wheelchairs, strollers, runners, jumpers, cry-ers, sweat-ers...a bit crowded.

Still, the day was bee-uuoo-ti-ful! Nothing is more gorgeous than being anywhere on the Sound when it it clear skies and in the 70's. Ahhhh. Plus, a free Thunderbird practicing for the air show. Cover your ears!

Papa and Bubba sitting in a nest.

The first zoo greeter - escapee outside the gates looking for treats.

Checking out the aquariums!

Mama showing the seahorses.

Papa sitting with little Chevy.

Nana and Bubba having a great time.

Our only picture choice for Christmas cards - I'm the only one not in it. Of course, no one is looking at the camera...just the seals.

Feeding the budgies! Hayden had 3 fighting over his stick of seeds.

Aunt Jamie feeding budgies.

Daddy and Bubba at the zoo, after looking at elephants.

Aunt Jamie and Uncle Taylor with Bubba.

Now Bubba is singing, "The zoo, zoo, zoo. The zoo, zoo, zoo."

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