Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Aye's Have It

I guess actually the eye had it is more like it.

Woke up this morning with a scratchy eye. After rubbing them both, it felt like perhaps I had an eyelash or something. Couldn't get it to go away.

So off to the mirror I went. After rinsing my eyes (usually in preparation for plopping in my contacts) I could still feel the pain. Nose flat to the mirror, I rolled my eye, looking for anything unusual.

There, right in the center of my eye. A little cream colored speck. It did not move. Kind of rolled around with my eyeball.

Great. I've had a sticker in my eye before which required a trip to the eye doctor (no ER assistance for my eyes, thank you), who then used tweezers to pull out a miniscule sliver which stuck straight out. Many days later after wearing an eye ball bandaid (resembles a clear but blurry visioned contact lens), I was back to wearing my regular contacts.

Sheesh. Here I go again, just in time to travel to the UK with poor vision and my glasses. I rushed around making plans to head to the eye doctor office, perhaps whining a little.

And then, voila, I did something weird in how I held my eyelid, and poof, it was gone!

Let me hear a little hallelujah!

Those prayers for our ministry team members are already hard at work. Thank you, Jesus.

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