Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Organizing...Baby Steps

So proud of myself. After each chunk of writing (deadline is coming, yes it is), I've been taking a small bit of stretch time to work on the disaster that is my office.

It's bad. Add the end of the school year, the entire school year, grandbaby assistance, stamping trip to Seattle, writing assignments, and several courses through an online university...not to mention daily is needed. I'd say a professional could be called and be concerned.

Started small. During my recent trip to Seattle, IKEA was in order. I purchased two sets of magazine storage boxes. Can't beat $1.99 each set. Cleared the bottom shelf of one bookcase of clutter. Now my Mailbox and stamping magazines are all neatly labeled and stacked on a dusted shelf!

Enter the husband.

"Look honey," I point with pride. "I've been organizing!"

To appreciate this, you need to know that my husband has OCD. He practically clears his email inbox before he reads them. Makes dinner and loads the dishwasher at the same time so the dishes are done before we are. His real desk (as opposed to virtual) is strategically neat and planned. The closet, dresser, garage, (HIS spaces) are tidy and clutter free.

This is opposite of me. I work best under generalized chaos (he just came in and tripped over my sorting system, a shoebox of maps on the floor in the center of the room). That way I can refer to anything I need for my writing/planning/thinking/creating...

Referring back to my comment. I was proudly showing my progress.

Kevster regarded my measely organized shelf. Then slowly, ever so slowly, his eyes traveled around the rest of the tornado inspired decorating theme of an office. As if to ask, "Why??? Is it really making a difference in the big scheme of things?"

I get it. Not done yet. Just wait. It will happen. AFTER my writing assignments are done. AFTER I go to London for the Olympics. AFTER school starts. Maybe AFTER I retire.

Maybe not. AFTER I retire I will be creating MORE of a mess.

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