Tuesday, July 24, 2012

London, Here I Come

(Not the real Stonehenge...but I'll soon be in the same country as the real one.)

Oh, I can't wait. Well, I can wait for the two verrrryyyyy llooonnnnnggggg airplane flights (one way). Sore buns academy at your service. But after arrival and the first 24 hours of trying to stay awake and sleeping during their night, then I can't wait!

After a two hour conference call giving details and directions, all I have to do now is pack. And copy paperwork. And plan. And find stuff. And figure out how to get my camera in my backpack without the huge camera bag (and without breaking it).

I can't wait to meet all of my new friends. I can't wait to ride the Underground. I can't wait to see the sights. And experience the crowds.

Just kidding on that last one. I can wait for the Olympic crowds.

I'm excited to learn about the prayer coverage our team has received and will receive. I'm excited about the opportunity to go and see and do. I'm excited about sharing God's love - loving the people. I'm just excited!

London. Friends. Here I come.

PS - Just in case. I have an international cell call/text plan. It is very limited. Very limited. Just in case you need to call or text. Make it count.

PPS - The man will be holding down the fort. What a guy.

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