Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Help

Not to be confused with the book or movie. I've had a little help of my own the last few days.

It's great to be adored. But I may just not survive the extra help and adoration! Meals are a challenge, as they would love to share. Their meals are scary! DO NOT touch their food. At risk of life and limb.

Going to bed was an adventure. I was not the first one there. Sleep was great night one, when we all snuggled, or rather, they slept on and around me all night, and I tried to stay cool and/or comfortable. Night two we had a game of catch the big moth on the ceiling. The game lasted most of the night. It also required the knocking down of stuff on top of dressers and walls. Some redecorating was in order this morning from a very tired bed warmer (me).

Working at the computer and table is an invitation for furry assistants. Loose papers, ribbons, or rubber bands must be attacked without a moments' notice (they might get away).

Using the facilities...well...let's just say there was most of the time an audience and foot warmers if I forgot to completely close the door.

Guard kitties are pretty funny to watch. The squirrel in the tree was the enemy. Great, daring leaps from deck to tree trunk showed tree-mendous acrobatic skills. Attacking the other sistah in mid-stride showed vertical lift prowess. The infamous attack and roll demonstrated excellent close physical combat talents.

I will miss them, the Sistah's, Sistah Orange and Sistah Sage.

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