Wednesday, July 18, 2012

House Sitting

I love house sitting. Especially in Seattle. Get to spend the time in someone else's home, away from my never ending personal 'home-to-do' list. Plus I get to help out a friend who would like the assurance of a body hanging about, daily stuff taken care of, pets fed...

Take for instance, my current short but lovely house sitting situation. Seattle, U District, cool (65 degrees), mid-July, windows and doors open, Wednesday night summer concert series, kitties, rain-ish, lack of other disturbances, and time to work on writing deadlines. Perfect.

I'm also the new favorite. The kitties (Orange Sistah and Sage Sistah) love me. Last visit, I was not too cool. This visit, I am the ONE and ONLY person around. That changes a fickle kitty's affection to warm and cuddly in a nano second! Well, first of all, I'm the food giver.

But I am also the pet-ter, door opener, talker, and bed warmer. I had fuzzy, warm electric blankies on and around me all night. Which was fine, since it was in the 50's.

Nearby donut shop, coffee shop, U Village, beautiful homes, wildlife (crunchy snails, spiders, squirrels, noisy crows, slugs, flies), and internet. What more could one want?

Lunch with the honey. Oh, did that. He had to make a Seattle run, so we met for lunch.

Thanks for the break, God.

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