Friday, July 3, 2015

A Birthday Celebration

Kevin when he was 3 years-old.

Welcome to birthday month at the Quantrell household.

July 1st - nephew Sebastian had his birthday

July 2nd - grandson Donavyn turned 2

Baby Donavyn is no longer a baby. He's two years-old!

July 3rd ~ Papa turned 52 (yikes)

Kevin, on the phone again, during a rest stop on a recent motorcycle ride

July 4th ~ America will celebrate Independence Day

July 17th ~ nephew Cody has a birthday

This list does not even count 4 of my friends who celebrate a birthday in July! But as they don't live in my house...

Happy Birthday to my honey, family members, friends, and my country! May you have many, many more happy days.

Stained glass from Mt. Vernon; General George Washington

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