Friday, July 10, 2015

Snoqualmie Pass Tunnel Hike ~ Iron Horse Trail

Last Saturday, while the temps were soaring over 100 degrees F., my honey and I enjoyed the coolness of the Snoqualmie Pass Tunnel. This hike, really a walk, is perfect for those hot days when you just need to cool off. That is a true statement as evidenced by the hordes of bicyclists and hikers joining us in the dark cold.

Beautiful flowers grow on both ends of the 2.3 mile long tunnel. Inside? Nothing but damp, drips, mold, and gravel. That, and blissful cold.

My honey approaching the tunnel entrance from the east, headed west. As suggested, we wore our walking safety vests, to alert wheeled travelers and give them the chance to see us in the dim - ok, nonexistent - light. Coming around the slight bend in the trail from the parking lot off the Hyak exit on Snoqualmie Pass, we could feel the cool AC blowing through the tunnel. Ah, heat relief was in sight! Due to the low temps in the tunnel, take a jacket.

Not much to take pictures of in the tunnel. Flashlights are a necessity, though one can see a tiny dot of light at the end. Emphasis on tiny. After this sort of scary mug shot, we gave up trying until we neared the western end of the tunnel.

The light from the tunnel entrance/exit slowly, ever so gradually, appeared closer and larger.

The hat is a dead giveaway as to whom I am following out into the light.

Beautiful views, some shade, a few picnic tables, and a potty await tunnel traffic.

Wildflowers covered the sides of the path.

The western tunnel entrance is located beneath power lines. Every time I travel back to eastern Washington along I-90, I look and try to find the tunnel entrance. It has not happened. I think the side of the mountain blocks the view.

See? He is not so scary in the daylight.

Me? I have some hair going on. The damp tunnel helped curls turn into wild frizz.

The homestretch.

As long as the tunnel is not closed for blasting for the construction project on I-90, the tunnel hike is a wonderful break from sunlight and the normal daylight hikes.

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