Monday, July 20, 2015

Rubber Stamping Fun - Two Day Marathon = 113 Cards

I'm back from my weeklong hiatus.

Besides the dirty laundry, groceries from Trader Joe's (which we do not have in the Yakima Valley, so I stop in Issaquah whenever I can and race home with the cold stuff under the AC), business cards from new connections, piles of notes and information, and bags of stamping supplies, I also returned with a very special bag.

That bag contained 113 handmade rubber stamped cards. Two days worth of creativity, brainstorming, and tireless work (I might add that my tireless work now begins to run down about 10:00 PM, as opposed to midnight or later when I was younger) was carefully packed into a small bag.

What do we do? Eat, visit, listen to music, walk, eat, sleep a little, and stamp cards. Stamp, fold, cut, trim, glue, tape, glitter, color . . .

It makes me happy. Now I have plenty of new cards to mail to friends and family. And Kevin, compliments of Alyson, has his own box of specially made greeting cards that he can use for his own personal correspondence.

It wasn't long, but we made every minute count.

113 is a good number.

P.S. I will be posting the cards on my Pinterest page, so if you would like to see my creations and perhaps glean an idea or two, go check it out. My Pinterest handle is Angie Quantrell. Look for the Rubber Stamping board.

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