Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ducks + Fleece = Happy Boy

The boy loves his 'eeee.'

That would be his blankie. This much loved, nearly fleece-less blanket is blue and covered in yellow ducks and bubbles. Most prominent are the duckies.

Enter a certain developmental stage, and this boy hauls that poor ducky blankie everywhere. Pool? Yep. Outside? Definitely. Dirt, asphalt, bark, truck, car, mealtime, or bedtime - duckies are present and accounted for. Especially bedtime.

How does mommy manage to wash the poor ducky blankie?

Sneakery. Thievery. Mass distraction.

Today Nana bought the boy 2 whole yards of NEW ducky fleece. It actually still has fleece attached. We are talking one happy boy who 'eeee'd' his way through the store, holding the pile of fleece, hugging it, rubbing his face on it, and talking to it.

Nana also pulled the sneakery trick. "Oh, Donavyn, go watch the garage door close!"

Quickly, new blankie fleece was in the washer. Mean Nana.

Now to cut it into two pieces and blanket stitch the edges. Mommy and Nana will have insurance against original-duckie-blankie disaster.

Guess who else loved fleece blankets? Daddy.

Like father, like son.

Quack, quack.

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