Monday, June 22, 2015

A Cinderella Story

My life is just like a fairy tale. Perhaps Cinderella.

Except for the castle. And the ugly stepsisters and stepmother. And sleeping by the fire, though that has happened on occasion (my choice). I have cats, so no mice running around as friends. The huge estate is a mere city lot. And both of my parents are still alive.

I do have the prince. I suppose I could also say I have a castle. At least my home is a castle to me.

But the prince? He's my high school sweetheart.

Today, Monday, June 22, we celebrate 30 years of marriage.

30 years ago today, we:

~ dressed in our fancy wedding clothes and said our vows

~ celebrated with friends and family

~ began our life journey together as best friends, both literally and metaphorically

~ drove off into the sunset of our first trip as husband and wife, headed south to Disneyland for our honeymoon

~ embraced a marriage that would eventually lead us through circumstances of thick and thin, sick and healthy, rich and poor, tired and energized, messy and spruced up, stretch marked and scarred, hot flashing and temp wars, graying and balding, fighting and making up

~ stepped out on the road of beginning a family, a path that has blessed us with two adult children and their spouses, and four exceedingly wonderful and gorgeous grandbabies

My. I can't imagine being old enough to be married 30 years.

But I guess I am.

It's been wonderful, my love. And crazy, scary, challenging, difficult, amazing, fantastic...

You are Mickey Mouse to my Minnie.

Looking forward to another 30 years with my best friend.

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