Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beeb Boy Can See Just Fine

I just love preschoolers. Of course that's true, you say, since I'm the Nana. But even with my students, who were not mine other than belonging to my class, I loved them as well.

Preschoolers are cool! They are funny, real, silly, clumsy, investigative, curious, destructive, messy, loud, drippy, smelly, lovey, energetic - absorbent little sponges.

The Beeb Boy, my new nickname for Donavyn, is indeed a toddler/preschooler. He is all of the above. His current favorite food, besides all foods, is beebs.

To you lay folk, that would be berries. Any type of berries. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. Actually he loves fruit. Period.

The Beeb Boy can spy a strawberry beeb in the garden with excellent accuracy. Sadly, Nana has disgusting irrigation water for the garden, so she has to do the picking and washing first. But Beeb Boy knows what he sees and wants to eat.

Just the other day he noticed the beeb on a shelf over my stove. The beeb in question is actually a red strawberry sugar bowl. It really looks like a strawberry. Today Beeb Boy was noticing the beeb on the shelf. So I pulled it down so he could see it was made of glass and had sugar in it.

What did he do? Yes. Beeb Boy stuck out his tongue and took a lick. LOL

That was disappointing! I'm sure he thought it would be a giant beeb just for him.

Our family has two new names for berries. Strawbabies (Khloe) and beebs (Donavyn). Did you know that preschoolers could enrich your vocabulary this much?

It's beebs and shortbread for dessert tonight, honey.

PS Beeb Boy, who recently had eye surgery - wow, almost a month ago - is doing very well. Thank you, Jesus!

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