Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Breakfast with Slugs

Ahem. Good morning! How is your day going so far?

I have been sharing breakfast with slugs. And ants. And cats.

After shrieking when I peeled back the raspberry canes and seeing a particularly large and amazing ugly slug (and his slightly smaller brother) I decided it was time to put the old beer slug trap to the test. The beer is for the slugs. Not me.

Whereupon, the kitties decided it was time for a early morning drink. That resulted in a motley collection of garden junk around said beer trap to dissuade them from sipping.

Into the drink went the ugly buddies. Away from the beer went the sipping kitties. And one by one, picked off of raspberries and strawberries, bye-bye went the ants. The beebs were for me.

It's already been quite the garden morning.

Breakfast anyone?

You are welcome.

PS Should you see the kitties staggering down the road, let me know. We will go to beer trap #2 plan.

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