Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thankful Thursday Brought to You By the Letter Pp

Ah-ha! Another Thankful Thursday is upon us. Can you guess where I found the p in the above photo? Don't peek! After you make a guess, scroll down to see the photo at the bottom.

Today's Thankful Thursday is brought to you by the letter Pp.

Some things that begin with the letter Pp for which I am thankful:

~ pepperoni

~ people

~ pepper

~ puppies

~ pumpkins (and all things pumpkin - bread, seeds, pie, soup, jack-o-lanterns)

~ princess girls (like my Khloe)

~ prince boys (like my Hayden, Donavyn, and Gage)

~ ponies

~ prizes

~ prayer

~ presents

~ pizza

~ popcorn at the movies

~ pictures

~ photography

~ peanut butter

~ peas

~ pennies

~ playing

~ Pacific Ocean

~ painting


~ pen and paper

~ pants (and panties)

~ parents

~ passport - that means I can travel

~ pastries

~ pastures of horses

~ pork (I love bacon)

~ pay day

~ pine trees

~ porches

~ Praising Him

~ preacher (my honey)

Do you know how many words begin with Pp? Whoa.

I'd love to hear something for which you are thankful for. Oh, and how about if it begins with Pp.

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