Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Staying Cool Fun at Nana's

Staying cool at Nana's incorporates several strategies. These are especially important since Nana is most of the time overheated anyway, regardless of record shattering temps.

Play and rock inside the cool living room. Ceiling fan on, AC on, shades at half mast to keep out the morning sun. Check.

Play and help your younger cousin go for a ride on the tricycle. Outside time in the morning, lots of shade under the patio for the driving loop, plenty of liquid to drink. Check.

Play in the patio shade with waterproof toy foods and dishes. Water the plants, splash the water, make up some tasty foods, put up tent for more shade. Check.

Play and have fun. Driving, cooking, splashing, swinging, pushing . . .

Always revert to water table to get wet. Check.

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