Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Plenty of Rustic in This Beauty

I love to find beauty in regular every day things. This is especially true when I'm out and about and find aged, rusted every day things. That is a guarantee for appreciation. And multiple photos.

These pictures were taken during a stretch break during a 3-day motorcycle ride marathon we enjoyed for our anniversary. This homestead is located east of Moxee on Highway 24. Beauty was found in the hot, dry, windy, beat-up setting. Tranquility, nostalgia, unseen wildlife, and the wafting scent of something dead filled our senses. Yes. Never a dull moment.

Perhaps I so love the old and rusty because, dare I say it, I'm getting a little bit of both myself?

The man beside the motorcycle is not included in my 'old and rusty' statement. No way. He is a fine and wonderful husband with just the slightest touch of gray and a wrinkle or two.

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