Monday, June 8, 2015

Cats and Their Toys

Her Highness, Mabel, too hot and exhausted to stand at the water bowl. Serve me please?

It's been a weekend of cat yack. Hoping that joy is complete after several doses of furball meds to both cats. Still not sure who the guilty one is. I think we have the quietest yackers ever.

But let's talk cats for a moment. It's been hot. Over 100 hot. The kitties in their shedding but still thick fur coats are feeling it.

Speaking of, will the guilty one who lost this tail clump please step forward? And do tell how it happened.

The joys of two cats that could be twins mean one never knows exactly who did, lost, ate, yacked, or chewed up what.

This perfect gem of a cat rule was in the Monday morning funnies. Totally true.

For example, all of those papers-in-process-of-becoming-masterpiece . . . TOYS. Thank you, Monet, for rearranging. Oh so much nicer.

These TOYS slide and skitter off the desk, table, and floor with such fascinating ease. Never do papers stay on the desk. Or bulletin board.

The cat puzzle transformed into a cat puzzle toy. Which one to flick off first? Where should I sit? Can I roll and then ease entire sections off the edge? Can mom work the puzzle with my help? Should I eat this one or that one?

The answer to all of the above is mostly yes. This one, sit here, yes they roll off, no mom can't do it with my assistance, and no, maybe I shouldn't eat that piece.

The puzzle is now put away for the lifetime of the two cats.

Happy Monday, cat owners. You know that of which I speak.

PS What is your cats' favorite toy?

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