Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thankful Thursday ~ Brought to You By the Letter Qq

Welcome to my favorite letter ~ Qq!

At least that is what I told my students. It sure helped them connect Qq with Mrs. Quantrell.

I do have lots of favorite letters though, about 26 of them. Qq just happens to be an important part of my family.

Some things that begin with Qq for which I am thankful:

~ Mr. Quantrell - 30 years of fantastic married life with my man coming up on Monday, June 22.

~ Quantrell's! (We do have rather a large clan.)

~ all the little Quantrell's (Hayden, Khloe, Donavyn, Gage and their parents Chelsie and Collin, Taylor and Jamie), though their last name may be different than Quantrell

~ quarters - the fastest way to get to a dollar

~ quail with their cute topnotches

~ quiet (see above - quiet is an important commodity)

~ quilts, oh so colorful and cozy

And that about wraps up the list of Qq words of things I would share on a thankful list. Not too many words or things begin with Qq, which makes Qq that much more special.

Have a quonderful day!

PS Do you have something that begins with Qq for which you are thankful?

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