Monday, April 27, 2015

Joy in the Small Things

Sometimes we want the big events to provide buckets of joy. Or, like me, at times I am so focused on the looming deadlines or red letter activities that I build myself up on stress. Which immediately and perfectly robs me of the joy and peace I should be feeling as I go about my days. After all, each day is a prize. Only once will today be a part of my life. After this 24 hours, it will be gone and a new day will arise.

I choose to begin this morning with a focus on the small things (two of which are soon to arrive). May my slow down and introspection bring peace and joy overflowing to my heart and go from there to shower into the lives of those around me (even those 'other' terrible drivers or cranky salespeople - to them also).

A few 'little' items of joy . . .

~ it was only a moth which the cat brought in to our bedroom in the wee hours, not a mouse as I originally imagined

~ birds singing happily at o' dark-thirty

~ glistening drops of water throughout the garden

~ trees humming with bees

~ shouts of "Nana" and bangs of the front door

~ green strawberries

~ 2 butterflies

~ Donavyn kissing me through the glass door

~ Donavyn giggling hysterically at Papa's bald head (from his view on Papa's shoulders)

~ being a (10-hours worth) part of Kevin's work day during the weekend

~ kitty snuggled between my feet when I woke up

~ clean bathrooms

~ warm weather

~ warm maple oat nut scones and coffee

~ tiny thumps against my hand from baby Gage (in his mommy's tummy)

~ Mommy's big watermelon tummy

~ blond-haired grandbabies

~ me-go-first 3-year-old granddaughter's who take over meal prayer times and loudly say, "Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for Nana..."

~ sitting on the patio after a walk, enjoying the garden

~ candles

~ good chocolate

~ conversation with a friend

~ you, reader and friend, thanks!

Can you think of 5 small things that bring you joy?

Have a fabulous Monday, filled with joy and peace.

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