Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Writing Partner (Cute Kitty Alert)

This is my girl. ONE of my gray girls, as the neighbor calls them.

She is my writing partner. Most days, as soon as my backside hits the chair, the cat joins me.

She gets the back half. I get the front. I'm the one in danger, though, of sliding off the front. This is mainly due to the slick covering and the mandatory highest setting so I can reach the keyboard. Which, unfortunately, means my feet do not really touch the ground.

Sitting down becomes a balancing act between not smashing the kitty, not slipping off the front of the chair, and not falling back and making the chair slip out from beneath me. (That has happened once, and it hurts.)

Hi, Mabel, my built in heating pad.

The best part, which I never think about unless my husband notices and tells me?

I walk around the rest of the day with a cat-hair stripe across my buttsy cheeks.

It's a new fashion statement. Gray hair on my head (thanks, Hollywood, for catching my style) and gray hair on my pants.

We girls color coordinate.

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