Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Brought to You By the Letter Hh

Brought to you by the letter Hh, Thankful Thursday is once again upon us.

Here are some things beginning with Hh for which I am thankful.

~ heart


~ hands

~ hips - for holding babies and grands

~ horses

~ hands

~ hawks

~ helpers (like the cat who is practically on my keyboard)

~ Hawaii

~ HAWKS (as in Seahawks)

~ hair (on my head, not on my chin or upper lip)

~ happy faces bathed in contentment

~ harmony

~ Harrison Ford :)

~ health (good, with which I am blessed)

~ Hebrews (the people and the book)

~ heirlooms

~ Hills (my maiden name, so my family)

~ hogs (love my bacon)

~ honey bees and their honey

~ hummingbirds

~ hydrangeas

~ H2O

What are thankful for that begins with Hh?

Happy hunting.

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