Thursday, April 30, 2015

Black Does Not Match Shedding Season

It seems the season of shedding is upon us.

The kitties, barely one year old, are experiencing their first time of spring shedding. Fur. Abundant fluff. Hair. Way more hair than is actually on the girls is racing in droves to be the first to depart their respective feline host.

Wads of gray, tan, and orange now mingle with other carpet bunnies. Oh, please, don't reproduce!

We had some loves today, Monet and I. Black is not a good color for this time of year. "But it felt so good," said a much thinner gray girl.

Amidst the floating pieces that caught the light and the lingering ones that settled on the furniture (and my black top), one would know that this house harbors not just one defrocking cat, but two.

If you come a-visiting, don't wear black.

And never fear. I have the sticky tape roller ready to go.

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