Monday, April 13, 2015

Motocycle Monday - Clear Lake Loop Ride (Washington State)

Welcome to Motorcycle Monday, a new feature for this blog. On Mondays after the weekends we are able to enjoy a ride, I will share the trails we followed and some photos from our motorcycle excursion.

We have so much fun, just the two of us, touring around central Washington on the Honda Shadow. We've met several very nice people who enjoy the same hobby we do. And if we don't talk in person, as least we wave as we pass each other. It's the brotherhood of two wheels.

Our ride began by heading west on Highway 12. In Naches, we hopped off the highway and took the back road (Old Naches Highway) behind Naches, where the beauty of blooming fruit trees danced past our visors.

Wildflowers were in bloom, covering the hillsides.

We did make a few short stops, mostly for me to take photos. Here is a close-up of lichen on a pine tree.

We traveled behind Clear Lake and Rimrock Lake through the Rimrock Recreation Area. The water was very calm and clear. Canada geese were nesting, honking, and generally making a noisy fuss. The road was paved the entire way and we saw few other vehicles on this loop around the lakes.

Just to prove that I was on the trip, here I am in the rear-view mirror. Sometimes, you just can't get fuzzy-free shot. Invariably, when I would click the shutter, we would hit a bump, go through a wind sheer, or my arm would just bounce around. Whenever we get home, it is always a surprise to see which photos turned out well.

The road behind Clear Lake is a loop and hooks back up to Highway 12 on the west side of Rimrock Lake. As you can tell by the gray water, skies, and general tone, it was a bit chilly for us. This is Rimrock Lake. We had just finished traveling behind it.

Can you see the rock climber? It was a wonderful day for the many we saw attempting the basalt columns along Highway 12.

What does not work? Camera + motorcycle + bumpy road does not equal quality photos. Out of four, this one is the only one that was even close to recognizable. You get what you get while shooting from the backside of the Honda.

Happy trails to you, 'til we meet again.

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