Friday, April 17, 2015

One Year Old - A Birthday of Sorts - What Do Cats Do?

Monet and Mabel curled up, twin sisters who always did everything together.

Just like human babies seem to sprout up before our very eyes, our furry kitties have done the same thing over the last year.

They were never far from mommy. This is on my sewing table, which is in the office. Again, back then, they spent all of their time side by side, regardless of the activity.

Two little girls, practicing their gym skills. So small!

Mabel helped me read the newspaper.

The girls celebrated their birthday. The nice thing is that I can remember their birthday. April 15. Tax day. Now they no longer do everything in tandem. Each has her own favorite napping spot, hiding den, and particulars about interacting with we humans. Going outside with us? Still a group effort. They love mom and dad working in the yard.

But what did they do to celebrate?

Monet slept. A lot.

Hmmm. I would say she did not appreciate her birthday hat.

Perhaps Monet was downright unhappy about her hat. Yes. I think that is what she is trying to tell me. Annoyance personified.

Mabel refused to even wear hers for a second.

Instead, she ate it. And hauled it around. And chewed on it some more.

Perhaps birthdays are not so exciting (or remembered) in the lives of animals. But we pet lovers who dote on our furry or feathered or scaled family members do like to keep track, don't we? How do your pets celebrate their birthdays?

Happy Birthday, Monet and Mabel!

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