Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Eggs April Fool's Day

As suggested by someone who shall remain unnamed, but he knows who he is, "Wouldn't it be fun to take the kids to the park on April 1st and tell the kids to go find all the Easter eggs?"

Sounds good, right? Except he was talking about not really hiding any eggs.

Poor kids. Out there all on their own, hunting in vain for non-existent eggs!

April Fools!

Have you been pranked today? I have to admit that I have read a few things that I was really impressed with, only to realize that the posts were, indeed, April Fools' Day gags. One in particular, a newsletter I follow written by a lady in France, had me so believing her misfortune and subsequent community service in Paris of cleaning the skulls (she was very detailed, down to using her toothbrush and olive oil) in the Catacombs that I couldn't wait for her next newsletter that would surely let us know how it went! (You can find her blog at

Smacked right into that one!

What has been the best prank I ever pulled?

I'm so glad you asked. There is one for which I am quite proud, and I will never be able to reproduce it again. (Pun intended, which you will get after you read on.)

Years ago, almost 27 in fact, I was pregnant with our first child. Baby Quantrell (that was back before parents-to-be regularly found out what sex the babies were before birth) was due to make an appearance on June 22, our anniversary. But he arrived nearly 3 weeks early on May 31.

This was fine for me, not so great for him, and quite a surprise for some.

At the same time, my college friends (aka, Jello Molders, so named for our April Fools' Day pranks of some notoriety) were traveling to my home to throw me a baby shower.

(Haha, rubs her hands with newborn-baby-sleep-deprivation glee.)

Baby Taylor, a boy, was sleeping peacefully in his crib. I, however, had a special plan in mind.

This mama stuffed a big pillow under her shirt and went to greet the first guest to the party, Angela.

"Hey, how are you?" she said, as we hugged hello.

"Pretty good," I replied, leading her around for a tour.

I also led her to the bedroom, where, voila, there was a baby sleeping.

"Oh, are you babysitting?" she asked.

To which I whipped out the pillow and said, "No, this is baby Taylor!"

Baby Taylor the day of the shower, 5 days old.


I do confess that she was totally lost and confused for a moment. Once she understood my purposeful misleading, all was great. And funny.

When the rest of the crew arrived, Angela was in on the gag. I re-stuffed my shirt and went through the same scenario. Much to my delight and their amazement.

Wow. Wish I had a video camera back then. That was so much fun. One of my favorite stories. And I will never be able to reproduce it again. (Get it now? No more reproducing of that sort for this Nana.)

Ahhh. Those were the days.

Gotcha girls!

How about you? What was your best April Fools' Day gag or stunt?

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