Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First Snow for Kitties = New Napping Spot

Mabel showing her reluctance to get her paws wet. This stage did not last.

We finally had a decent (by decent, I mean visible) amount of snow. This was the first snow for the kitties. They were entranced. And later muddy.

Monet dove right in. Surely there is something wonderful beneath that cold white stuff. (Yes, Monet, there is. It's called mud.)

Both girls loved the snow. And the beautiful sunshine that warmed the patio area.

Cozy girls atop my hutch.

Exhaustion led them to discover a current favorite napping spot.

It's a good jump for the girls. Whoever arrives first commands leadership of the sleeping vessel.

No longer can I decorate the tops of hutches, cupboards, shelves, tables . . . Candles are definitely out. Alas, we are a home with cats.

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