Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gender Reveal Party - Part 2

Hayden holding his gender reveal cupcake - the blue filling inside indicates the baby is a boy.

Welcome to our gender reveal party! Only 3 people knew the sex of the baby before the party. After the reveal, everyone knew about Baby Boy Aucutt.

I decorated a lighted year-round tree with pink and blue fabric strips.

The pink and blue table - complete with bandanas, cupcakes, a wide variety of pink and blue candies, napkins, and plates.

Pink and blue cupcake tree. Cupcakes were baked in pink and blue cupcake papers. I mixed pink and blue sprinkles on top of white icing. A pink and a blue plastic diaper pin adorned each cupcake.

Guests sported a clothespin that represented which sex they thought the baby was. Daddy Collin chose to show his choice by clipping it to his beard.

One fun activity was to make (yes, I made them) all of the guests pose with mommy-to-be. The fun part was the guests had to stuff a balloon under their shirt so they looked pregnant. Everyone was a good sport! Chelsie's grandparents are proud to be GiGi and G-Paw.

Nana and Papa join the photo game.

Drinks were clear lemon-lime soda with blue and pink ice cubes. I used food coloring to make the colored ice. The blue was the worst for dying tongues. But it looked pretty.

A cup of punch.

Pink ice cubes.

My sister and I painted our fingernails pink and blue.

Decorated cupcakes before the reveal.

I took one group photo of everyone who thought the baby was a boy.

A much smaller group thought the baby was a girl.

The revealing moment - Collin sees blue.

Even big brother, sister, and Daddy had to pose with Mommy.

All in all, the gender reveal party was a great success. We had loads of fun. I deem gender reveal parties the new wave of the current generation.

Angie Quantrell is a soon-to-be four-time Nana. When she is not chasing the grands, she writes, blogs, takes photos, and is working on simple living.

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