Thursday, January 8, 2015

Speaking of Yarn - Homemade Mini Purse

Green is my bliss.

Just ask anyone. Though I have recently been dabbling in and been intrigued by all shades of turquoise.

After discovering this luscious shade of green in a wool yarn, I just had to take it home. And make something. Anything. As long as that yarn went with me.

Meet my new purse.

A combination of knitting (mostly) and crocheting (barely). Plus a little sewing to hold the button in place and form the purse.

The over-the-shoulder and across-the-body design allows enough strap length for comfort. The small size and stretch of the knitting will give space for only a few items - phone, petite wallet, keys, lip gloss.

And that's about it.

1. Since I know only one kitting stitch, and I don't even know what the name of it is, I will tell you that I made a long, narrow rectangle with a simple knit stitch.

2. I then folded the rectangle into unequal thirds, with the bigger section forming the purse pocket and the smaller section making a fold over flap.

3. Using the lovely green yarn, I stitched the sides together.

4. Since I did not want to knit a long narrow strap, I dug out the crochet hook and made a double row of half-double crochet stitches, measuring it against myself as I went. This strap was then sewn to the purse.

5. The final piece was adding a beautiful button and short crocheted button latch loop.


I love my little purse.

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