Monday, January 5, 2015

Salt & Pepper - Growing Out the Gray

A new hairdo for the one who would rather be behind the camera instead of the subject facing the lens.

One year ago over Christmas break I decided I was done fighting the invasion of the gray.

Fine. Curly. Damaged. Frizzy. Gray. Thin. Brunette. Orange.


That is how long it took before I had enough grown out to chop it all off and not be completely bald. 365 days.

My hair grows ever so slowly. In June, I had a partial cut, to take off the edges of brass. But for the entire year the march has been an agonizingly slow micro-bit-by-micro-bit stroll. Dark strands hampered by brassy orange ends. The process was not pretty. Not pretty at all.

On New Year's Day, a visit to my faithful hair dresser (and awesome sister) provided a very much needed hair lift.

Oh, curls. Glorious curls. Salt and pepper. And much to my surprise, lots of dark. Though that is mostly on the back of my head.

The salt and pepper loves to hang out around my face. I feel rejuvenated. And only sometimes older.

Here's to gray. Embracing salt and pepper.

I love it.


  1. Love it! You can't even see that salt! If someone does, they won't notice it cuz they will be seeing all your beautiful - ness!

    1. Wow. I found your comments! Amazing when one figures out the little tricks. Must be the salt and pepper...


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