Friday, January 30, 2015

A Mission-Field at the Tip of Your Pen - Hannah Conway

As a writer, I subscribe to several different blogs. This article came through my email today. It resonated with me for two reasons.

The first thing that caught my eye was that the author is living the military life as a spouse of a soldier. I am not the spouse of a soldier, but the mother of one who served overseas in Iraq. That place in my heart is tender towards others who live and sacrifice in this way. It is a hard place. Blessed, if one lets it be, but hard.

The other idea that I identified with is how the author finally realized that her mission field was right where she was. In the middle of battlefield madness. The military. If ever there is or was a place that needs us to pray, give, love, and help, it is to the members of the military lifestyle.

God has us right where He wants us to serve. Right. Here.

The other thing (ok, there are three reasons this blog spoke to me) I connected with is the missionary lifestyle plan. My plan was to do the whole overseas missionary life. But God showed me His plan. It is good. Different than I imagined and it was difficult for this opinionated and independent soul to accept in the middle of the changes, but it is very good. Blessed and extremely good.

Can you say that about His plan for your life?

Read this blog post by Hannah Conway. Good stuff.

Please copy and paste the above link to check out Hannah's post. Technical issues would not let me copy a direct link.

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