Thursday, January 22, 2015

The 2nd BIG Question

Oh my.

Today I was asked the second BIG question in the world of kids. Our conversation about birthdays, babies, and parties took place in the best ever spot for kid-conversations - the car. Captive audience, right?

"Nana, how does the baby get out?"

As in, mommy has a baby in her tummy and I can't wait for the party this weekend to find out if it is a boy or a girl and I am so excited for it to get here maybe right after my birthday and how will mommy get it out?

I'm a firm believer in honesty + developmentally appropriate + answer only what the child is asking ... Let them ask whatever they want, but answer simply. Add more info as they continue to question.

"Oh, mommy will work very hard to get the baby out."

"Will she cry?"

I could see this conversation was not going to end quickly. Having been at her two previous birth events, I could safely answer. "No, but she will sweat. It's hard work to have a baby."

"Yes, but how does she do it?"

Not sure what mommy and daddy have said or how far they want to go with this five year-old.

"Oh, she has lots of help from the doctors and they all work hard to get the baby out."

And that was the end of that. He was satisfied. For now. The conversation went somewhere else.

Welcome baby number three. Your brother and sister are very excited for your arrival.

A few of you might wonder why I called this the second big question. Simply, "Where do babies come from?" seems to be the number one biggy for children. For adults, of course, popping the question - "Will you marry me?" - is the number one question. Or at least it used to be.

Angie Quantrell loves interacting with young children. One never knows what to expect when having car conversations.

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