Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gates & Rock Walls

Not from Scotland, but English rock walls are just as captivating.

I just spent several long minutes drooling over the beauty of Scotland. Amazing collections of nature at its best. Enticing and gorgeous photos of the land, animals, and people of Scotland populate a social pinning-to-a-board site. You might know it as Pinterest.

Oh, God was surely doing some of His best work when He decorated nature in Scotland. The forests, rocks, beaches, lochs, waterfalls, cliffs, lakes, streams . . . beautiful and magnetic.

I want to go and explore every nook and cranny. It appears there are many in Scotland, nooks and crannies that is.

What I would love to do is adopt one of those moss-covered ancient rock walls, you know the ones that separate the fields, buildings, roads, and so on?

I love rocks.

At our house, we have plenty of rocks. Even old rocks, as far as rocks go, since all rocks are pretty old. But I think those in Scotland look older. Ambiance, right? But wouldn't one of those meandering rock walls look fabulous in my yard? Add a perfectly adorable weathered wood gate, and I would have to get a sheep or two to run around in the walled area.

And wouldn't I love to have an inviting gate, one that says, "Come on over here, see what's on the inside!" If there is an intriguing gate, don't you just want to go through it? I can barely restrain myself. But I prefer to not trespass unless otherwise invited.

Currently, we have chain link. Nothing imaginative there. Not even opaque. Just pure transparent wire.

While I may not live in Scotland and have one of their cool rock walls, I do know of some excellent gates that I get to go through. I get to enter those gates where the Lord is present. I get to fellowship with Him and give thanks. He has some seriously wonderful outrageous gates. Those are the gates I know I am welcome to pass through.

That's way better than Scottish rocks and gates.

Open for me the gates where the righteous enter and I will go in and thank the Lord. These gates lead to the presence of the Lord, and the godly enter there.
Psalm 118:19-20 (NLT)

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