Friday, March 6, 2015

God Was at Costco

"Who's that, Donavyn?" said a voice behind me in the Costco checkout line.

I turned and there was one of my beautiful, I mean handsome, grandsons. Donavyn, blond-haired and smiling, was happy to see Nana. Nana paid for her items and ran right back to stand with the Big D while mommy paid for hers.

Then we stopped to chat, blocking traffic as only people in Costco can do. You know what I mean, right? Just move already!

"God talked to us in Costco," said Jamie.

"What?" Yes, I was a bit out of that conversation. Were they play talking? Talking to God while shopping? Reading a book about God?

"Yes. We stopped at a sample cart (don't you love those?). The lady looked at Donavyn and said, 'When is his surgery?'"

"Did you tell her that he was having surgery?" I asked.

"No. We just walked up. She looked at his eyes, and asked. And then she said that everything was going to be just fine with his surgery and God was going to take care of everything and don't worry."

"Wow! Did you know her?"

"No. She just said that. Then she gave me a hug and told me to bring Donavyn back after his surgery so she could see him. And that God had her there for just that reason."

"That is awesome. He is going to be just fine," I said as I hugged her. "Our boy is going to be just fine."

You see, I had not stopped long enough to think about how stressful eye surgery was going to be. Not just for Donavyn, who has to travel to Bellevue and Children's Hospital for surgery, but for his mommy and daddy. I always hated when my babies had surgery. But I had forgotten that stomach pit feeling of anxiety, fear, hope, nausea, and stress. Not fun.

And there was God, doing what He does best, though we sometimes fail to see it. Sending an encouraging encounter, literally out of the blue, smack in the middle of a shopping trip for a mommy concerned for her precious boy. Isn't that a wonderful God thing?

I'm glad God was at Costco that day. Now I am reminded of my job as Nana, to pray and encourage. And give lots of hugs and smooches.

Big D's first eye surgery (he will have at least 2 surgeries, or so we are told) is on May 4th. We would love you to join us in prayer for him on that day.

Angie Quantrell loves being Nana to her precious three (and one more on the way) grands. She also loves how God often speaks to us through others in surprising and unexpected ways.


  1. Praise God for the love and understanding! And the reminder to their (Tay, Jamir & Lil D) support staff! We love them so. Praying for everyone...

    1. Amen, sistah. We are interested to see if that lady really does work at Costco when Jamie goes back with Little D. ;0

  2. Definitely a God thing. We will certainly be praying for mom, dad, and Donavyn. We love them so much.

    1. Thank you! A special family to all of us.


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