Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Breaking News: Grandson Demonstrates Social Graces

The grandson beats out Papa!

Nana enjoyed a weekend away with her college friends, a time which mainly consisted of eating, talking, eating, stamping, walking, and eating.

But who cared most about her being away (besides two gray kitties with newly discovered neurotic tendencies when mommy is gone)?

The grandson.

How could I tell?

1. He awoke quickly the morning I left, got ready, and helped me load the car.

2. He said, "Nana, I will miss you while you are gone."

3. He quizzed me on what I would be doing with my friends.

4. He totally enjoyed our early morning trip to - gasp - get gas, chocolate milk, and a cookie.

5. He saved me half of his cookie, saying, "Nana, I'm going to leave you this so you can rememberize me." (New word alert - love it.)

6. He knew I was going to visit my friends and asked, "Nana, did you share that cookie with your friends? And the chocolate milk? (He also left me some milk for rememberizing.)

7. And today, just barely awake, he asked, "Nana, where are your cards? Can I see them?"

My bubba wins the prize of being most interested in Nana's trip - and the first to ask to see her card creations.

I just love kindergarten kids. Especially if they are my grandkids.

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