Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunday Motorcycle Loop Ride - Old Yakima Valley Highway

The early March weather was too good to pass up. After church, we ate a quick lunch, dressed in our motorcycle duds, and headed off on a lovely loop ride through the lower Yakima Valley.

We drove south from Yakima and hit the Old Yakima Valley Highway just outside of Wapato. I wanted to hit it at the beginning at Parker, but the husband was not into the proper motorcycle sign language at that point. Don't worry, things did get better for our communication. (Note: No headsets. Lots of quiet thinking time on our trips).

Mt. Adams showed off lots of snow.

Stinky cows remind one that fresh air is not always pleasant fresh air.

Yakima Valley Highway winds and turns, but mostly parallels I-82, all the way to Prosser, our destination for this trip. Why you ask?

Starbucks. Potty stop. Treat.

The handsome driver.

We then looped behind Prosser and hit Highway 22, which runs parallel I-82, but much further south.

This road actually bends around Grandview, Sunnyside, and Granger. It goes below Toppenish and then swoops right up to Highway 97. We drove straight through Toppenish, the actual town, went back across I-82, hit Yakima Valley Highway heading north, and turned onto Konnowac Pass.

Konnowac Pass is a short but pretty jaunt through orchards and up over the sagebrush hills. The scenic road then drops bikers, tractors, and vehicles down into Moxee. And again, we went straight through Moxee, following all sorts of back roads. This part of the trip was gorgeous as well, with sunny temperatures, budding greens, blooming apricots, and lots of people out enjoying the early spring weather.

I'm sorry to tell you, we took so many roads I can't name them all. But we did eventually reach Terrace Heights Drive, which lead us straight to our home.

What a perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon - motorcycle, beautiful sights, my honey, and a coffee date somewhere down the road.

Thought she may not look it, Angie Quantrell is a motorcycle Nana. She loves riding behind her husband on their Honda Shadow. She really loves getting off and moving so the circulation will get going again. Coffee stops are the icing on the motorcycle cake.

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