Friday, March 27, 2015

Make It Yourself - Handmade Rubber Stamped Cards

I got together with college friends and roommates last weekend. What a refreshing and creative time! We, of course, ate too much, talked too much, visited too much, and generally made too much of a creative mess. Wait. Is that even possible? We ate, talked, visited, caught up, walked, shopped, and made cards. What a perfect time!

(above) Love using old library cards in card making - add ribbon, a brad, stamped images, and colored ink. And glitter glue. NEVER forget glitter glue.

Our new discovery was glitter tape! Excitement! This copper tape was repeatedly used in many different card designs. Add colored paper and a very awesome brad.

This card features a different and wider color of glitter tape. We experimented with finger tip daubers. Too easy and fun.

Ink, glitter glue, twine, and colored pencils came together just right in this card.

Old books, especially falling apart dictionaries, are perfect for card backgrounds. We utilized a borrowed stamp, glitter tape, gel pens, and colored paper to make cool crow cards.

If one is clever, the actual words can be torn out of old pages. The definition of crow stands out in detail on this card.

This bee card is filled with lots of sources - paint swatch, glitter glue, wax twine, embossed cardstock, patterned paper, and glitter tape. Not much else to add!

Another favorite is to reuse beautiful wrapping paper. I carefully clipped out pieces of fancy French paper and made each a centerpiece for a new card. Add jute ribbon, glittered sunflower, brads, and colored paper for a "Wow!" response.

Yet another use of wrapping paper and library cards. This card has a little parchment paper pocket and the collage stamped library card is actually a removable bookmark! My French themed cards are truly favorites. Maybe I will not give them away...

And a great time was had by all. See you next time!

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