Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Garden Advice Requested - Slugs?

It's almost that time again. Actually, I could and should plant cold weather vegetables ASAP.

Last year I planted a type of French radish. They were 2-3 inches long and oblong in shape. A hot dog of a radish instead of a ball. Those fresh radishes were so delectable, I couldn't keep my hands and my mouth away from them!

Neither could the slugs. That is my guess. The photo shows how something has eaten around the top of the radishes. In the beginning, this only happened on the top of the radish. Later, small nibbles were found below ground. I'm suspecting pill (sow or potato) bugs did that damage.

I would gladly glean from the wisdom of the collective worldwide garden. Please!

Who was eating my radishes?

How should I get rid of them?

Should that work, what is your favorite recipe for radishes?

This gardener can't wait for spring produce.

Angie Quantrell loves growing fresh food for her family. She does not like to share with garden pests and respectfully requests your insights into protecting her future meals from present bugs.

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