Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where Have All the Manners Gone? Long Time Passing...

You know you are getting old when you compare the past with the current.

Case in point. Since when do business owners answer phone calls with their company name only? Not saying "Hello" or "May I help you?" Not exhibiting courtesy to customers? Speaking in a bored/aggravated/can't-wait-till-5 voice? Waiting for me to say thank you (instead of them expressing appreciation for my business)?

Customer service any more is anything but.

True, there are wonderful examples in some places of how owners and workers show excellent interest, helpfulness, professionalism, and true appreciation for customers that frequent their business establishments.

But the others. . . allow me to be sarcastic for a minute or two.

I'm sorry to disturb your conversations with your friend/spouse/girlfriend/co-workers when I need assistance.

Oh, here, let me carry/find/bag/fix whatever I am searching for. No. Really. You stand there pretending I am not in your store.

Yes, I can tell you have an attitude towards customers. Or maybe just me. But your attitude is not encouraging me to ever return to your place of work. Or to tell others anything positive about your place of work.

Do you think you have the only pharmacy/grocery/clothing/gas/convenience store in our area? I will exercise my right to go where I am respected.

Have you heard of the internet? It's this really easy to access place where I regularly post reviews of local businesses. Believe me, I do not say good things about places where I was ignored or treated disrespectfully.

Gray hair. Yes, I have some. But not enough that I need extra help. I do notice if you ignore those with true need of added assistance and patience.

What was that again? Why do you have a business? OH. To make money. Which could be difficult if I (and those within my influence) refuse to give you any in exchange for your products or services because I will not patronize your place of business.

Bathrooms? Would you use a bathroom that looks like that? One word for you. HAZMAT.

Sure, I realize I owe YOU. I should be tickled pink that I can visit your place and mingle with the upper crust. Allow me to adjust my ungrateful attitude. Much better. Now I can truly enjoy your arrogance and "you are wasting my time" viewpoint.

No, I don't want you to be kind, friendly, or ask me how my day is going. Please. Don't do that. Just grab my stuff, throw it in a bag, take my money, and toss me any change that comes back. Especially DO NOT say "Thank you. Have a great day" when I leave. That might put me over the edge with shock.

End of sarcasm.

I really miss the good old days when people (in general) were kind to each other. Common courtesy, good manners, and hard work ethics seem to be things of the past. I fear for our country, that we have forgotten many of the habits that made us great.

Yes. I do think good manners and courtesy make us great. If you have a job, be thankful. You are there to work. Having a positive attitude that goes along with a willingness to work hard in a professional way is essential for employees. And their employers.

Wondering what other establishment I can torment today when I visit and expect customer service . . .

DISCLAIMER: I do understand that people have bad days. Really. I get that. I have bad days when all I want to do is get in, get what I need, and get out. But when the same people/employees/places of business ALWAYS have bad days, one wonders. I try to be a good customer, pleasant, helpful, tidy, respectful. I even try to cheer up the occasional checker or worker who is down in the dumps. But one can't live and work in the dump all the time. It gets a bit smelly in there.

Let's chat. Where have you experienced excellent customer care? What do you think is important to find in great customer service? How have you turned a bad customer/employee situation into a better day for all involved?

PS I added the lovely lavender to avoid incriminating any specific business. Plus I adore lavender. This was taken at the Selah Ridge Lavender Farm.

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