Monday, March 16, 2015

Come, Have Tea with Me

I recently read a delightful post by Rosie on her blog, Everything's Coming Up Rosie ( I felt like we were old friends, though I had just met her through her blog.

I love having tea with my friends! So I thought I would invite you to tea with me. Virtual tea this time, but call ahead and we will brew the real stuff.

Grab a cup of your favorite tea and maybe a piece of shortbread or two. Something gooey and chocolate-y would be nice.

If we were having tea, watching my kitties bring in something gross or sleeping off the night spent hunting, I would tell you that:

This morning was chaos. It usually is. But today I woke up, opened the blinds and saw Monet out on the patio flipping something in the air. Fine I thought, as long as it stays there. What to do? I went to take a shower, hoping that I would not find anything unusual when I opened the door. Instead, I found Mabel, who stole Monet's mouse and brought it inside, playing cat and mouse in my living room. The mouse was alive and well, tiny, but big and quick enough for me to shriek and jump on the couch. Stereotypical scenes of farmhouse wives smacking a broom on terrified mice played through my mind. Mabel eventually let the mouse loose one time too many and it ran under the couch. A community effort was involved before little Mickey was caught and removed. Let's just say husband and I are happy. Cats are not.

Last week Hayden had pink eye in one eye. Today sister has pink eye in two eyes. They are sharing the wealth. My eyes are itching . . .

Kevin (my honey) and I did our what is becoming our Sunday afternoon traditional long walk. We meander along on a 5 mile loop out to a nearby Starbucks. We hit the coffee shop because they have a restroom (and I have a busy bladder). It is also a nice spot to sip a drink and chat. And window shop at Inklings, a lovely indie bookstore. Our other Sunday afternoon tradition is a motorcycle ride, weather permitting. It was raining, so walking won.

The kitties have provided an unexpected problem with the new season's garden. They like my raised beds, for, uhm, digging holes. Yes, that's it. Holes for their stuff. Ick. We know they can climb chain link and wood fences. What to do, what to do?

My nose has been to the grindstone for the last month and a half. Two big projects are in the mail and others have been emailed. Somehow, several deadlines managed to congregate on the same calendar page. I am feeling the joy of completion!

We had 29 regulars at church yesterday, with 8 regulars not there! That is good news for Amplify. Easter is soon to be here and we are working on fun activities for the children (who almost outnumber the adults).

Taco soup is on the menu for dinner. I actually have all of the correct ingredients without going to the store. A miracle has occurred at the Quantrell household.

I'm going stamping with my college friends this weekend. After a particularly stressful day, when my husband said I was being grumpy with him, he asked me if I needed to get away. YES. Maybe a little too forcefully, I responded. Off I go on Thursday with my trunk and back seat filled with supplies for creating greeting cards. Maybe we will have tea!

That was fun getting together for tea. Wish it were real tea! I'd love to hear how you are so we can catch up.


Angie Quantrell loves tea and friends, the perfect combo. Come on over anytime. Though you might want to bring a mouse trap or two, since Mabel thinks our house is a catch-and-release-inside zone.

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