Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wilty Lettuce Trick - It Works!

On Saturday we received a lovely gift box with a large variety of produce - fruit and veggies. It was awesome and we are quite happy to steadily eat our way through it.

But the poor lettuce was not happy. I imagine I did not get it put away fast enough to prevent wilt. I didn't want to eat wilted lettuce, nor did I want to waste such beautiful leafy greens.

Aha! The old celery trick might work.

Now see here, I had never tried this before. But it actually worked great!

I cut off the bottom of the lettuce head, filled a fat mug with cold water, shoved the lettuce in the cup, and stuck the whole thing in the fridge.

Et voila! Fresh, crisp, gorgeous lettuce. I'm so excited to find a new way to revive the wilt.

Poor lettuce. It will be dinner. And then gone.

Such is the life of lettuce.

Angie Quantrell loves to eat her fruit and vegetables. She often sneaks veggies in recipes when no one is watching, just so her family will eat well and have a healthier diet. Shh. Just don't tell anyone.


  1. Awesome idea, Angie. I knew the celery trick, too, but didn't know it would work for lettuce.

    1. It was an experiment that worked great! The lettuce was so beautiful but so wilted. Guess I'll keep that one around for future reference. :) Have a great day!


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