Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Brought to You By the Letter Gg

I am amazed (and not thankful) for the poor quality of certain letters when they are cropped from words and enlarged! So sorry for the ick factor.

Today, brought to you by the letter Gg, things for which I am thankful. I challenge you to make your own list. A thankful heart is a happy heart.

~ God (bet you saw that one coming)

~ girlfriends

~ gardens

~ green

~ groceries

~ gardenia

~ grils (what my grands call girls)

~ grapes

~ grilled vegetables and meat

~ grasses

~ grazing horses

~ Galaxy (ours is pretty gorgeous)

~ gables (on a roof)

~ gauze and gossamer fabric (cool for menopausal women)

~ gecko (cute, aren't they? Though one did drop from the ceiling onto our table once while we were at a luau)

~ giggles

~ gingerbread

~ gas water (sparkling)

~ Glasgow (Scotland, a place I want to visit)

~ going (places)

~ Golgotha (for the hope it brings)

~ giving

~ Gospel (Good News)

~ grandma (= Nana)

~ guitar music

~ guinea pigs (adorable)

~ Gypsy (our border collie, formerly named Maggie, who went to live with the dancing lady)

~ Glory

gravity, gregarious, graduation, gravy, grapevine, Grand Canyon, grandfather

Glorious glut of great Gg words.

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