Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Thankful for Things Beginning with the Letter F

Friends, let's not forget thinking about things that begin with the letter F for which we are thankful.

~ friends

~ Father, as in God the Father

~ father - my dad

~ France (and all things French)

~ French fries (with ketchup or fry sauce)

~ fish (both alive for viewing and tasty for eating)

~ fresh flowers

~ feet (to go walking)

~ faith

~ freedom

~ February

~ fingers, oh, for so many reasons

~ fancy - events, foods, fun times

~ fun

~ forgiveness

~ fall (the season)

~ falling leaves

~ falls of water

~ fried eggs (plus bacon plus grits)

~ foxes, falcons, finches


~ ferns

~ FANS (menopausal cooling devices)

~ fireplaces

~ footpaths through forests

~ fudge

~ forget-me-nots

This female Quantrell frequently finagles fudgy treats from her fantastic spouse. Should you find other fabulous F words, comment below so we may all not forget to be thankful.

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