Friday, May 1, 2015

Thankful Thursday (on Friday) Brought to You by the Letter Ll

Today we are going to celebrate Thankful Thursday - though it be Friday. LOL

Happy Friday!

Here are some things beginning with the letter Ll for which I am thankful:

~ love


~ languages

~ laughter

~ lollipops that turn your tongue bright colors

~ linguini with lots of parmesan

~ leisurely walks

~ lounging fireside

~ lover (my best friend and husband)

~ lemons and limes

~ ladybugs

~ luggage arriving when I do

~ land

~ landscaping

~ lavender in any form

~ legs for walking, dancing, and leaping (though I be mostly doing the walking and occasional dancing)

~ leather saddles, shoes, and the accompanying smells and creaks

~ Liberty

~ lilac, my absolute favorite spring flower


~ light - it's so much easier to do things when one can see what is being done

~ literacy

~ Louvre (The, in Paris)

~ losing weight

~ lunch

~ lyrics, amusing, thought-provoking, clever, sentimental

How about you? Could you leave me a short list of things for which you are thankful?

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