Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Big D Update ~ Eye Surgery

Donavyn decorating eggs. You can see some of the problems with his eyes that were addressed by the surgery. Cutie pie boy just wanted to eat the eggs.

Thank you so much for praying for our boy, Donavyn, and his double eye surgery he had yesterday (Monday).

Prayers were answered even before we expected it!

Instead of the 1:00 surgery time, Donavyn had surgery at 7:30 AM. What a wonderful treat for a boy who would be hungry, thirsty, and probably cranky all day if he had to wait. Not to mention the overactive nerves of parents and family members. I was actually still in bed at a friend's house (thanks, Alyson) not too far from the hospital when my son let me know of the change in time.

The surgeon reported that all had gone well in the two-hour surgery. The 2 and 1/2 hour drive home went quickly and Donavyn was able to sleep in his own bed.

Today, mommy reports (and we have eye witnessed) that the boy with two brilliant red eyes is moving like a wild 2 year-old. He is eating, talking, playing, and climbing everything in sight. He is still at high risk for infection and must be away from other children for a week. But try telling this bundle of energy that he can't play outside in the dirt or see his cousins... Oh, boy.

Thank you, again, for praying and thinking of our boy. We won't know until his 2 month check-up whether he will need a second surgery or not. But until then, we pray for a healthy, quick, and complete healing for the Big D.

Big D helping his cousins with eggs while exploring the whisks and colored water.

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