Friday, May 8, 2015

Chemical Resistant & Plenty of Iron ~ Frankly Friday

I gave at the office yesterday. Twice. Two different offices in fact. Frankly, it is Friday. I am glad yesterday is a done deal.

About 2 years ago, I had an ingrown toenail cut out. Eww, oww, and ick. Yesterday I again revisited my foot guy because the chemically treated and removed section of the ingrown toenail had grown halfway back. Lucky me! I am chemically resistant to the stuff that was supposed to kill off that part of the toenail root! Why couldn't I be resistant to say, extra calories or wrinkles or arthritic bones?

The first giving at the office was the second step for folks like me upon whom the chemicals do not work. An extended version of the ingrown toenail removal process involving major numbing medicine (dare I say, "OW, that really hurts!"), a cut at the base of the toe, the cutting out of the offending section, a stitch, and a 48-hour bandage with no hint of water or soaking allowed were all parts of this giving. Ugly little chunk of toenail and gobs of blood were evidence to the crime. I mean procedure.

The second giving of the day was not planned. Amplify (our church) hosted at the Red Cross. That means that we worked registration and the canteen area. And for those of us who were able, we gave blood.

Now, see, I haven't given in 5 years. I kept getting rejected due to low iron levels. So I told them we could check, but I doubted I would pass. Well, la-dee-dah. I passed very well. I had plenty of iron. Drats. That was my next pint of donated blood. But this time I didn't have to give up any body parts, just some juice. Not to brag too much, but that makes 46 pints total.

Add a million errands, a fat toe and swollen foot, pain, and no time to cook, I was one glad girl to be done with Thursday. After a quick take-out stop for salads, dinner was done. No dishes!

If you find yourself resistant to chemicals or plush with iron, let me know. We can work our way around both.

Have a fabulous Friday.

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