Monday, May 18, 2015

Cinnamon Roll Gone Wild

Would you look at this blueberry pecan cinnamon roll?

A bit frozen from the cold early morning motorcycle ride up Chinook Pass, we decided to stop at Whistlin' Jack Lodge and have a cup of coffee to warm up . . . where we were tempted by warm cinnamon rolls.

Oh. My. We saw that death bomb of sugar and calories covering the plate, actually oozing off the sides, and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into.

We managed only small portion of the treat as we savored the fragrance and flavor. This is truly a minimum of 4-person dessert. Or maybe 2 hungry Taylor's (a rating scale based on our son who adores cinnamon rolls). Definitely worth a coffee break pause or breakfast. But you better bring a few friends.

Bon appetit.

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