Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Sometimes I just fail.

And other times I think I'm doing just fine, until it's pointed out that I just failed.

This morning, while driving the Nana Bus, I was frustrated by the crowded school parking lot. We were a minute from being late, due to heavy traffic, and the car in front of me stopped - to let some children and parents cross, of course - blocking me from parking and getting out to walk my boy to his teacher.

"Come on," I mumbled in a voice loud enough for the Bubba to hear me, "you're gonna make us late!"

The car soon moved on, in reality taking only seconds for the pedestrian pause.

We quickly parked and beat a fast path to the cross walk to enter the playground. Beside the parking lot is the drive through lane, where parents can stay in cars and drop their children off, instead of parking. I've often noticed that the drive through lane is slower than actually parking and walking, due to the number of stops the drivers must make to allow for the cross walk students. (All I can say is, I am so glad there is always a staff person on cross walk duty with her little flag and official vest).

As we walked up to the cross walk, I heard a man cursing and yelling, "Come on, man, get going! What the deal?" It was quite loud as his window was open. (Colorful language removed.)

Wow, I thought.

"Someone is grumpy," I said to the crossing guard as we passed in front of waiting vehicles.

It's so silly to be riled up when you know you have to wait. It's a school zone, for crying out loud.

It took me maybe 15 steps before I realized my hypocrisy.

Yes. I might as well have yelled out the window, for all in all, I had done the same thing when I was complaining about the woman stopping in front of me for a bare 20 seconds.

Busted. It might not have been obvious to those around me, but the Lord knows my heart. And it was cranky.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will try to take my time and not worry about the little stuff. It's all good, making sure kids are safe. Better to be late than hurt someone or have a cranky heart.

They never mark us tardy anyway.

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