Thursday, May 14, 2015

Donavyn Update: Thankful Thursday

"Let's go get your eye drops in," said the Nana on the last day of post-surgical medication.

What did the Big D do? Hauled himself off to the bathroom fuzzy purple rug and plopped down on his back, ready for the procedure.

Mind you, I've never given him eye drops in the bathroom. But he must have been comfortable there. He's also never cried when I've given them to him. And this last time, I didn't even hold his arms down. He just stayed still until I was done.

How cool is that for a 22-month-old?

Donavyn is doing very well. After double eye surgery a week ago last Monday, almost all signs of red are gone and the barest hint of blisters is disappearing. His eyes seem to be working together much better. And the best evidence of all? He acts just like any other normal boy of his age - playing, running, climbing, eating (or not), giggling, and generally having a grand life.

The answered prayers are the entire reason. Thank you for praying for our boy.

Thank You, Jesus, for hearing and answering.

Read more about Donavyn in the post titled "God Was at Costco."


  1. Angie he is so precious and you are so lucky to be his Nana. Hard too believe he will soon be two. Love your writings.

    1. He is a precious, precious boy. I just love hearing him calling me, "Nan, nan, nan!" Thanks for reading. :) Have a great day!


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