Friday, May 22, 2015

Paris Parade of Horses - Why?

As we walked the streets of Paris one day, we were stalled in our progress by a short parade of immaculately dressed and adorned horses and riders.

Do I have any idea why the parade of equines was traveling through the city? Who were these uniformed equestrians? Were they merely decorative or was there some purpose for the trip? Where did they come from and where were they going?

Alas, I have absolutely no answers for any of the questions. They appeared, walked in front of us, and disappeared down the streets. No one else appeared to be even mildly interested in this event. Irritated, yes, at having to wait, but caring about the parade of beautiful horse flesh? Not a dust speck of regard did I notice.

But the parade did occur. And I was left to wonder why.

There was a story there in the midst of the horses and riders. If only I had a clue. Or spoke the language better so I could ask. But neither happened. I shall make up my own reason for the parade.

Once, there was a company of horsemen. Their lot was to serve and parade in a vast City of Light. This day, it appeared, they must be en route to present pomp and circumstance for visiting dignitaries. Perchance, an American woman, lover of good equine flesh, gazed with delighted abandon upon their efforts. But pshaw, she was but a commoner. They must not tarry to answer ridiculous inquiries. Let her regard with curiosity, for the troop had an appointment of good form and impressionism. Each looked with eagerness to the task.

For what awaited successful completion of their service? A title, a plot, and a meal worth dying for. It is the way of the nationals. The added incentive? One perfect specimen would be chosen, both horse and rider, to become the symbol of artistry and pride for the nation. How you ask? Immortalized in paint, plaster, and castings of metal. Alas, the statue for the new fountain in the midst of the city center would be based on this winning team.

Let them ride, parade, and be remembered.

The same could be said of any of us. Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why do I travel through my city in my Nana-esque uniform? What is my purpose? Is there anyone interested? Any onlookers?

There is a story there.

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